Friday, 19 February 2010

Multi Region Sony BDPS360 Profile 2.0 Blu-ray Player with BD Live and Multiregion DVD modification remote

After recently looking around to upgrade my old panasonic DVD player, i decided it was time to invest in blue ray technology, so i started to look around at players that would be compatible with my existing Panasonic Surround sound 5.1 system. The panasonic DVD player didnt owe me anything at all, it was multi region , it was a recorder and it also had freeview built in but the kids had taken their toll on it, so listed on ebay it was. Shortly after this i realised that the laser only needed cleaning which i did for the new owner & she was working as new.

The Sony BDPS360 Blue Ray Player.

This player met all of my pre requisites;

Multi Region Capable
Slimline Black.
Digitial Optical Out Cable.
Blue Ray & DVD.
DVD Upscaling.
Cost less than £150

The player has been fantastic and has played every one of my discs that i have tried. On the DVD side it upscales nicely onto my 37inch LCD and the picture and sound are amazing quality. I would recomend this player to anyone wanting to replace their existing DVD player.

The Sony Player and Multi Region AKA Multiregion DVD modification remote.

The player has played multi region DVD's without modification so far , i have yet to try another region blue ray disc , if this fails my backup plan is to use a wonderfull gadget purchased - A Multiregion DVD modification remote.

This gadget will modify two sony Blue ray players and works by emulating a specific remote control that is capable of being multi region. The gadget comes with full step by step instructions and is a one time only procedure (very Simple) to perform the soft modification.

I favoured this gadget over a physical chip as i did not want to void my warranty and it was a fraction of the cost ( £25 ish ).

find more about this here.